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MY DAY Head Hammock is a revolutionary cervical traction device for pain relief that allows you to employ the methods used by physical therapists worldwide in the comfort of your own home. Kick back and relax to feel your soreness and stiffness dissolve in minutes.


  • A soft, cushioned neck sling cervical tractoin device designed with your comfort in mind
  • A strong, easily removable strap with aluminum attachments for 5 customizable settings
  • An eye mask and earplugs for peace and quiet
  • Simple, waterproof instructions for setup and usage
  • An eco-friendly carrying case

MY DAY Head Hammock is ideal for:

  • Rehabilitating neck injuries
  • Treating herniated, compressed, or bulging discs
  • Relief from tension headaches
  • Correcting poor posture
  • Easing the stress of everyday life


  1. Loop the top of the hammock around your door handle or a doorknob from the outside. You can adjust the very top strap adjuster to loop it around larger objects like trees, extrusions, hooks, etc.
  2. Stand inside, wrap the hammock over to your side and close the door, securing the strap between the door and a wall.
  3. Adjust the length by securing the metal lock-in of the three metal rings. Adjust the second strap adjuster if more/less length is needed.
  4. Lay on your back, place your head into the hammock and adjust the detachable foam pads to feel comfortable and relaxed laying down.
  5. Move your body slowly forward until you feel the stretch in your neck. Your head should be about 2 inches from the floor.
  6. Put an eye mask on, earplugs in, and relax for 10 to 15 minutes. Use daily for the best results.

*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Dimensions25 × 14 × 7 cm
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45 reviews for Head Hammock

  1. Patricia R.

    I bought this for my mom after her dr. recommended it, and she swears it helps alleviate her neck and shoulder pain.

  2. Nick Maddison

    I can feel relaxed for a couple of minutes .. after that it makes bad pressure to my head ( sides) and ears. I tried to use it for a few times.. but now it seating in my closet. It’s a waste for me. Possibly it may work for some people. I don’t know.

  3. Nick

    I have got chronic migraines from a neck injury decades ago. It is largely due to a misalignment and tensions in my neck and shoulders, particularly after sleeping. When my horible migraines are acting up, I lay in this hammock for 10 minutes and it gives me a relieve and the migraine easiness. It is only temporary relief, but better than just taking more medications. Worth it for sure

  4. Jessica Miro

    I had MS and major back and neck issues for a long time. Went for a period of time with severe neck pains that cause a permanent head ache that would never stop. After three days of use and the headache was gone! I highly-highly recommend this to anyone in pain or discomfort!

  5. Jenny Kameron

    I used it for a week and it relieves so much stiffness and pain from my shoulders and neck. Feels greta! I use it every night before bed on my bedroom door. I’m tried a thousand different pillows and have had multiple mattresses and this is the only thing that worked. So glad I tried it.

  6. Marry K

    Neck pain, back pain…it is a simple and great quality method of neck relief. For me its also a simply great way of decompressing from stress. I was shocked at how effective this neck stretcher was when I first used it. Did not expect much but after days of back pain and 10 minutes of laying my neck in a hammock, I am a believer!!

  7. Jenny

    I have had chronic neck pain and this helps instead of going to the chiropractor for traction therapy.

  8. Evy

    I had neck issues for years because of a bad posture and! This product REALLY relieved my pain! It’s comfortable, painless and relaxing. Super happy

  9. Matthew Pearson

    I had training injury to my right shoulder which caused neck pain. I knew I needed some type of traction, and this was it. Totally worth the money — I put it on a doorknob in my bedroom and rest for 10 monutes with the mask on. Great results!

  10. Christian

    I had pinched nerves in my neck for year. It caused neck stiffness and restricted my movement. Since I have been using MY Head Hammock there is waay less pain I’d say about 60% reduction. I have less movement restriction. I stand straight which is wow. I would give it 10 star rating. When I take it off I feel amazing. It is the one thing that worked for my problem. Very simple an
    and easy to work on. Great that it portable. I use it once a day as directed for 10 minutes. Thank you MY DAY, this is great.

  11. Jared Reping

    I have had neck with back pain so I purchased this hammock. The materials and quality is very good and totally worth every penny!

  12. Alison Richert

    Super easy to use and definitely relieved some neck pain I was having. I definitely had to build up to longer use though. I started with just 2-3 minutes at a time and worked my way up. The carry bag it came with was very convenient for keeping everything together and organized.

  13. Rossee

    My dad has been looking for neck hammocks for a while he asked me to find one for him. i looked through several diferent neck hammocks finally i just chose this one and when i received it it was packed so well and my dad uses it and is very happy with its results he said he would recommend it to his friends

  14. jeff t.

    Gave this product a shot after hearing some good results. Im an avid lifter and sometimes i overdue it and get upper back/neck pain. I started to do this for about 10 mins a day. After about 4 days i noticed a huge improvement in areas that were giving me problems. Very happy with this purchase and am now pain free for now haha

  15. micky daniels

    I hate to be negative about something so well-made but this just doesn’t work like I had hoped. I have some bad discs in my neck and suffer quite a bit of pain and headaches because of it.I just could not get a proper pull/stretch from this no matter how I tried to hang it or position my head. If anything I feel like this created and concentrated more pressure on the base of my neck from the removable pad. And without the pad you just slide out of the harness. There needs to be something to help secure the harness to your head- like a strap that fastens around the forehead or jaw or both. Either way it fell short for me but I’m going to try to do a little home engineering to see if I can’t make it work for me. Also despite having openings for your ears they are not well placed. My ears were either being smashed or pulled in every position I tried as well.Pro: High quality materiels and well made.Came with eye mask and foam ear plugs.3 removable/movable (Velcro) pads for your neck and sides of the head. PotentialCons: Flawed design- no real pull or stretch.Uncomfortable on the ears. Strap could be longer for more mounting options

  16. Life

    i have neck problem and i am with constant pain.i use Hammock every morning before i start my day to relief some pressure.i use it instead of my inversion table, since i am light, my neck don’t get the right stretch with the table. once i find the right stretch on the hammock i stay for 12 min and it it great.

  17. Your Freelancer Lady

    This looks so funny but let me tell ya! It actually works. I’ve been dealing with this neck pain for quite a while until a friend recommended this. I tried it. Hang my neck using the door know of our bed room while watching tv, stayed for a couple minutes. Since then I wasn’t feeling any neck pain anymore. I had to have husband tried it. He likes it too. We can’t believe this is actually working like a physical therapist lol I’m no medical professional but hey if you’re having any neck problems every once in a while, you should try this man!

  18. Meena

    Ordered for neck stretching. My husband has neck pain .He use to visit the physical therapist for the same neck pain. We were searching something which will help him to get his neck flexibility back. Using this product for 2 days . He is feeling much better. Just need a door knob to put it. You can increase decrease the lenght of the strap for maximum stretching.

  19. Tony

    I like it cause it’s hard and soft at the same time , track the neck and the back too. It’s relaxing .

  20. SD

    Can Help to fix neck discomfort

  21. AMADEO

    It is kind of hard to set up, but overall it works raeally well! You just attach it to your door handle and you’re good to go. I thought I would get a better stretch from it, but it is still definitely worth the try if you have constant neck pain like I do.

  22. Jess

    After using this for a couple weeks I know it definitely is giving me a nice a stretch. My neck feels so much better after using it. However there is a down side, it puts a little too much pressure on my ears no matter which way I use it. Wish it was more comfortable.

  23. imran74u

    I have never believed on such therapic items, but this might be the one that meet my expectations. So far I have tried it twice in last week and i am impressed with the comfort of the nexk pads and it really relaxes my back neck and my body. It gives your neck and back a good stretch feelings. Great product.

  24. Tonya Comeaux

    Great quality item!

  25. shafqat

    Helps relieve neck pain, it’s actually relaxing

  26. Mary Helen Solorio

    Due to long a time job my I’m very disturbed due to neck pain and buy same neck stretching item from another seller but totally useless didn’t work for me. Now I have purchase this one and use one week I feel better now, it’s very hard but I feel comfortable!

  27. Greendrgon

    It has potential however there is a bit of a design issue in that there is no real pull or stretch. As you lie there the harness is uncomfortable on the ears. The strap could be longer for more mounting options. All the materials are high end and super well crafted. I don’t know whats missing and it’s a shame because its a fantastic concept that a ton of people can benefit from.

  28. Bridget R

    Ok so I read a few reviews before I decided to get this. I feel as though there is a perfect mixture of both good and bad. I personally LOVE this thing. I get migraines pretty bad and I hate to take medicine. I have seen this pop up on social media a few times and figured I would try it out. The first time I tried it, it took me a few minutes to adjust the strap and find the most comfortable position. Once I did though, I was on cloud 9. It comes with an eye mask and ear plugs, but I don’t use those. I usually do my morning work out, take a shower and then give myself 10-15 minutes of relaxation time with my neck hammock. Since using this 3-4 times a week for 10-15 minutes at a time, I haven’t had a migraine at all. I also don’t feel like my neck and shoulder muscles are tight like they normally are. Make sure that you read the giant card that it comes with to understand exactly what you are supposed to do. I had my husband help me out to make sure that my head was sitting about 2″ above the ground. I think that is one of the most important things because if you’re too high it can be uncomfortable. Also, I spent some time adjusting the removable padding on the inside to fit around my ears and lower neck. If you take the time to set it up correctly, I think it is absolutely worth a try!

  29. Danice Jimenez

    Was very relaxing

  30. wifeysukosd

    Wonderful product, very comfortable and relaxing. Easy to assemble and perfect size to travel with. I suffer with tension on my neck and I certainly with be taking it with me on my travels.

  31. Alan

    I have some cervical spine issues as that is where I hold a lot of my tension due to my job. This was so easy to set up over a doorway and just let my cervical spine release. I get migraines quite often, beginning in the cervical spine then they envelop my entire head. I think this is going to be very helpful in preventing those or even during a migraine to help release the neck and spine in this area of the body. It is soft and comfortable for me and really does help!

  32. Maggie

    very comfortable.

  33. Iamshelmore

    I tried to set up and use this traction device on my own but couldn’t get the length coordinated between the sling and the door handle so that my head was at the proper angle plus the tether kept slipping off the handle . My husband finally stood next to the door and held the tether in place so I was able to use it for a few minutes. My neck had been feeling very compressed and this did help relieve the pressure quite a bit. He said he will figure out what I didn’t do correctly so that in the future I can get it set up myself. I am embarrassed that I didn’t figure out what I was doing incorrectly because there is a set of instructions which is laminated on a large card, is a great idea! I wish all products had a similar card included with the product.There is a set of earplugs and a eye mask included so that you can completely relax during your session .I appreciate the adjustable pads in the head sling , they do make a difference in the comfort level . It really does help release the compression of my neck.

  34. C. Cowles

    I strap this to the treadmill in my living room, stretch out on the floor, place my head in the hammock, and relax for a little bit, and it really does seem to help. It stretches my neck and upper back, easing kinks and soothing it quite nicely. It’s handy to have when you can’t get out to the masseuse or chiropractor for neck pain relief – and cheaper on the wallet, too. 5 stars

  35. Sarah D Smith

    I have had 8 spinal surgeries and ordered this Apparatus to continue my home Physical therapy. Its excellent quality. Came very fast and I live in Alaska. Even the hubby is stealing it for tension relief on his neck after a hard workout. Overall a very happy camper:)

  36. Lisbeth Limin

    This product really helps me to relax and release neck pain from being in bad posture all-day

  37. Jafar Jafri

    It’s really an amazing device. My neck felt really good just after 2 sets . I highly recommend this.

  38. Norma Lizardo

    Works well. Easy to use and adjust. Good relief for my neck and upper back.

  39. Mehdi Ali Bangash

    This thing really does pull your neck back and does the trick even chiropractors have hard time doing for so much less. Recommend!

  40. asad loya

    Hands down one of the best neck hammocks I have ever tried. It has a secure fit which helps in relaxing my neck. I can already feel the niggle in my neck going away. Strongly recommended!!!

  41. MissCouture36

    I have been suffering from horrible neck pain the last few years due to a combination of stress, looking down when texting, posture and sitting at a desk. I did not find any relief until I tried this. This head hammock only takes a couple minutes a day, is so easy to use and has become apart of my weekly routine. It has relieved the neck pain and tension in my neck significantly. I am so thankful for the invention of this product!

  42. amirali

    its nice and relaxing , durable , helping gradually relax my neck & shoulder . easy to hang and use it.

  43. Lamia kess

    I ordered this product because I have a neck problem it’s been a few days since I use it. It’s helping very well to feel better. I will use it for a long time and will be back to update you guys but so far it’s helpful

  44. Anonymous

  45. elizabeth france

    I have been having traction at physical therapy for severe neck and shoulder pain.That is now coming to an end and so the neck hammock is a great way that I can continueto keep my neck and shoulders stretched.

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MY Head Hammock Instructions

MY Head HAMMOCK Is Ideal For

Neck Injuries

Rehabilitating neck injuries

Disks Issues

Treating herniated, compressed, or bulging discs

Tension headaches

Relief from tension headaches

Everyday Stress

Correcting poor posture & easing the stress of everyday life

MY DAY Head HAMMOCK Take Some Weight Off Your Shoulders

 MY DAY Head Hammock kit includes everything you need to take neck pain into your own hands:

MY DAY Head Hammock allows you to customize your comfort with an easily adjustable strap. Choose from 5 different settings to find the perfect position for your body, and feel the magic happen. Then, take your relaxation a step further by using the hammock’s built-in ear holes to let in the sounds of soothing music and a calming breeze.

What People Say

The neurologist says I have a c6/7 herniated disc. I’ve used this for one day and it has already alleviated so much of my pain. This product is a miracle and I’m impressed!!! I only wish I had known about it sooner before I got to this point of pain.

Paul Smith

I decided to use it after days of tension headaches. I have to say, this helped relieve the headaches. It’s nice to come home from staring at a computer all day to relax in the hammock. It takes all the stress off my neck. Would reccomend for those that suffer from headaches like me.

Martha Hoax