MY Head Hammock Instructions

MY Head HAMMOCK Is Ideal For

Neck Injuries

Rehabilitating neck injuries

Disks Issues

Treating herniated, compressed, or bulging discs

Tension headaches

Relief from tension headaches with cervical traction device

Everyday Stress

Correcting poor posture & easing the stress of everyday life

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MY DAY Head HAMMOCK Take Some Weight Off Your Shoulders

 MY DAY Head Hammock kit includes everything you need to take neck pain into your own hands:

Neck Pain Relief Made Simple

Is stress, poor posture, or a past injury turning into a pain in the neck for you? 

MY DAY Head Hammock provides much-needed relief for neck pain and backaches with just 10-15 minutes of daily use. Simply attach it to your door and feel the tension fade as your neck and spine are gently, comfortably, and blissfully stretched out.


MY DAY Head Hammock is designed for your convenience and comfort with the following features:

  • Soft, cushioned head hammock
  • Sturdy, detachable, and adjustable straps with aluminum attachments to make sure your head is safe and secure
  • Breathable ear holes to minimize sweat and maximize comfort, so you can enjoy the breeze and get in the zone with your favorite soothing tunes while you stretch out.
  • Black eye mask and noise-canceling ear plugs to eliminate outside distractions and help you loosen up both physically and mentally
  • 5 different settings for personalization
  • Easy-to-follow waterproof instructions
  • Eco-friendly carrying pouch for travel


Take Some Weight Off Your Shoulders

MY DAY Neck Hammock was designed to replicate the cervical traction methods used by physical therapists across the globe. Bring the technique doctors trust to the comfort of your own home for quick relief from:

  • Neck injuries
  • Herniated, compressed, or bulging discs
  • Tension headaches
  • Poor posture
  • Stress


Treatment on the Go

Neck pain and discomfort don’t take time off when you’re away from home. Take MY DAY Neck Hammock along with you while traveling. A portable pouch is included for storing your hammock, strap, eye mask, earplugs, and instructions so that you can set it up within minutes in any environment.

What People Say

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The neurologist says I have a c6/7 herniated disc. I’ve used this for one day and it has already alleviated so much of my pain. This product is a miracle and I’m impressed!!! I only wish I had known about it sooner before I got to this point of pain.

Paul Smith

I decided to use it after days of tension headaches. I have to say, this helped relieve the headaches. It’s nice to come home from staring at a computer all day to relax in the hammock. It takes all the stress off my neck. Would reccomend for those that suffer from headaches like me.

Martha Hoax

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