neck head hammock cervical traction device for pain relief

MY DAY head HAMMOCK Take Some Weight Off Your Shoulders

MY DAY Head Hammock provides much-needed relief for neck pain and backaches with just 10-15 minutes of daily use. Simply attach it to your door and feel the tension fade as your neck and spine are gently, comfortably, and blissfully stretched out.

Relief From What Ails You Neck Pain Relief Made Simple

MY DAY Head Hammock was designed to replicate the cervical traction methods used by physical therapists across the globe. Bring the technique doctors trust to the comfort of your own home for quick relief from:

neck head hammock cervical traction device for pain relief

Treatment on the go Your Personal Care Kit

Extra Comfort

Breathable ear holes to minimize sweat and maximize comfort with soft, cushioned detachable foam pads

Safety First

Sturdy and adjustable straps with aluminum attachments to make sure your head is safe and secure

Relaxation Kit

Black eye mask and noise-canceling ear plugs to eliminate distractions and help you loosen up both physically and mentally

Portable & Simple

5 different settings for personalization, easy-to-follow waterproof instructions with eco-friendly pouch for travel

Relief From What Ails You MY DAY Neck & Head Hammock

Simple & Portable

Only $39.99

Each session using MY DAY Head Hammock stretches out your neck and back to create space between the vertebrae, providing relief from pressure and aiding blood flow. Just 10-15 minutes of daily use will improve your posture and flexibility.

neck head hammock cervical traction device for pain relief

About US

Why my day?

my day neck head hammock cervical traction device

MY DAY Health and Care is a brand that wants you to wake up every day feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world.

MY DAY developed our head hammock product with the guidance of medical professionals across the globe, so the average person can have access to affordable, high-quality cervical traction that they can experience anywhere. 

my day neck hammock cervical traction device

Why People Love Us & What People Say

I had pinched nerves in my neck for year. It caused neck stiffness and restricted my movement. Since I have been using it there is waay less pain I’d say about 60% reduction. I have less movement restriction. When I take it off I feel amazing. It is the only thing that worked for my problem.
Web Designer
This product has helped tremendously with headaches/migraines. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars in physical therapy, and doctor visits, so the price is phenomenal. It is great to speed the process in healing a herniated disc. I immediately had more range of motion and a decrease in tension.
Office Manager
l am very satisfied with this product! It is easy to assemble and even comes with an additional strap to make it higher on the door handle. There are a lot more. It is very comfortable to lie down, and the hammock around my neck can really improve my sleep! Relax. l use this every day.
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